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Wo ist Klaus? Արմենն ու՞ր է

November 15, 2011 Wo ist Klaus? social commercial of is available in Armenian. The translation provided by the Yerevan School 100 media team under the guidance of Alvard Saroyan. 



INET 2011 'Access, Trust, and Freedom, Coordinates the Future of the Internet'


November 9, 10, 11, 2011 Media Education Center participated in the INET 2011 Conference 'Access, Trust, and Freedom, Coordinates the Future of the Internet' organised by the Internet Society's European Bureau and the Romanian ISOC Chapter in Bucharest between November 9 and 11, 2011. A presentation on 'How to Build a New e-Course for Students in Developing Countries' was made during the ISOC Leadership Workshop.


Keeping Children and Young People Safe On-line

September 20, 2011 Media Education Center participated in the 5th International Conference “Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online” organised by the Polish and German Safer Internet Centers on September 20 and 21, 2011 in Warsaw, Poland in the framework of the European Commission Safer Internet Programme. We made a presentation highlighting on-going Internet Safety Projects in Armenia's capital city and regions.












Speaking For Myself: Photo Journalism Classes in Yerevan

July 1 - July 4, 2011 In frames of Speaking for Myself project Photo Journalism classes for School Councils launched in Yerevan. 40 1children, members of Yerevan school councils, gathered at the Moscow House Gallery,where the exhibition of a prominent Armenian artist Samvel Sevada's works was held. The exhibition, organized by the Armenian Artists' Union, was unveiled on July 1, 2011. The EU-funded 'Speaking for Myself project is implemented by Mission East, Bridge of Hope in partnership with Media Education Center, Internews Armenia. Visit the Speaking for Myself ( multi-user web platform for 31 participating Schools and like our page on Facebook ... See Photos...





Become President: Learn Leadership Skills in a Fun Way

June 23, 2011 Test your leadership skills by playing a computer game. Become President Interactive Game designed for middle and high school children with support of the Great Britain Embassy in Armenia is 1available for downloading. To become a president a player needs to demonstrate a considerable amount of knowledge successfully passing a pre-electoral campaign. Familiarizing the young players with the complex process of becoming a president, the game fosters responsibility and democratic values. You can download the game here.


Speaking For Myself: Photography Master Class by Sevada

June 1, 2011 In frames of Speaking for Myself project a photography master class is conducted in the Ijevan 1city of Armenia's Tavush region by a prominent Armenian artist Samvel Sevada. 21 children, members of Ijevan school councils, gather at the Ijevan City Gallery where the exhibition of Samvel Sevada's 109 art works is held. The exhibition was unveiled earlier in the morning by the Governor of Tavush region Armen Ghularyan. The EU-funded 'Speaking for Myself project is implemented by Mission East, Bridge of Hope in partnership with Media Education Center, Internews Armenia and School for Young leaders. See Photos...






KinderWall: eSafety Workshop

May 30, 2011 Schoolchildren and teachers of Gorayq village discussed the benefits and risks 1the Internet can bring in their lives. The workshop on e-Safety was organized by Media Education Center in a distant village of Armenia’s southern province of Syunik in frames of the Kinderwall project of the Armenian Project Management Association.








Speaking For Myself: Media and Internet Literacy Trainings

May 25, 2011, In frames of EU-funded 'Speaking for Myself' project Media Education Center conducts Media and Internet Literacy trainings for teachers and students of 31 secondary schools in the capital city and 1regions. The project is aimed to facilitate children's participation in decision making and advocacy from local to international platforms and across different media forms. Trainees learn how to access sources, interact, search, use WEB-2 networks: blog and video blog networks, news sources, wiki systems, social networks and homepages.   Media trainings focus on journalism, digital photography, writing, filming, self-editing, radio and television are designed to help children gain essential knowledge and skills to speak for themselves, protect and promote their rights, and voice their opinions on issues related to them and their lives.  Visit the Speaking for Myself ( multi-user web platform for 31 participating Schools and like our page on Facebook. 




Media Education Center Participates in eNACSO

May 16, 2011, Media Education Center becomes associated member of the European NGO Alliance for Child Safety Online, eNACSO. eNACSO is a network consisting of children’s rights NGOs from across the EU working for a safer online environment for children. eNACSO's mission is to promote and support actions at national, European and international level to protect children and promote their rights in relation to the Internet and new technologies. The network shares expertise and best practice on key policy areas related to child online safety in order to become more effective in promoting a child protection focus in relation to the Internet and new and emerging technologies. Read more about eNACSO's activities...


Speaking For Myself: Internet Literacy Trainings

April 6, 2011 20 simultaneous workshops on Internet Literacy held on April 6, 2011 in 1Armenia's 20 secondary schools in frames of Speaking for Myself EU-funded project. Workshops were coordinated by teachers who successfully passed Media Literacy trainings in Yerevan and Tavush region. Over 300 children between 11 and 17 discussed e-safety rules, asked questions about on-line privacy and security issues they face while using blogs, chat rooms and social networks. For the first time teachers wrote stories about safe and responsible usage of digital technologies in their school web-sites and blogs, newly-created in frames of the project. They suggested own strategies on how to make the Internet safer and secure place for youngsters. Read their stories below.

EU-funded 'Speaking for Myself' project is implemented by Mission East, Brifge of Hope in partnership with Media Education Center and Internews Armenia. In frames of the project Media Education Center conducts Media and Internet Literacy trainings for Armenia's 31 secondary schools. Teachers and students acquire hands-on experience in photography & publishing, learn how to access sources, interact, use WEB-2: blog and video blog networks, news sources & social networks. See Photostream of the Project... Read about April 6 workshops below

The 8th edition of Safer Internet Day celebrated on 8 February 2011 in more than 60 countries across the world and this year. In Europe and beyond, thousands of activities organised by national Safer Internet Day committees to reflect on the way people present themselves on the web in spaces ranging from social networks and dating sites to online role-playing games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft. Read Insafe press release...


Council of Europe's Internet Literacy Handbook in Armenian

January 24, 2011 Internet Literacy Handbook of the Council of Europe published in Armenian. The publication was prepared by Media Education Center with support of World Vision. The Handbook is a 1guide for teachers, parents and students which explains on getting the most out of the Internet and how to protect privacy on websites and social networks.






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