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Media Education Center Takes Part in ICANN 50

Media Education Center participated in the Second At-Large Summit ATLAS II "Global Internet: The User Perspective" held as part of the 50th ICANN meeting in London, United Kingdom. On June 20-26 representatives of around 150 At-Large Structures from over 70 countries worked in 5 thematic groups: The Future of Multistakeholderism, Globalization of ICANN, Global Internet: The User Perspective, Transparency and Accountability, At-Large Community Engagement with ICANN and drafted a Declaration, which was presented to the Board of ICANN at its public session.

In particular, the Declaration emphasizes the importance of digital literacy, education and the empowerment of the Internet users and calls for promoting their fundamental rights and re-establishing the trust in the Internet. The document stresses the need for effective protection against arbitrary and pervasive surveillance, collection, treatment, handling and use of personal data and calls for permitting users to obtain the deletion of their private data from servers and databases. The declaration also also stresses the importance to promote the use of secure, efficient, interoperable online identity credentials; web standards favouring user autonomy and security, to foster substantial local content, beyond infotainment and ensure access to truthful information and knowledge.

To date seven delegates of Media Education Center, including two schoolchildren, participated in ICANN meetings: ICANN 49th Meeting in Singapore and NextGen@ICANN, ICANN 46th Meeting in Beijing and 1st Children's Forum in ICANN, ICANN 50th meeting in London and At-Large Summit II ATLAS II.

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