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February 10: Media Education Center launches a new website with links to and collection of safe teaching and learning resources. Noyan Tapan Media Holding provides information support and hosting for the newly launched web-site. Almost all local media outlets receive press-releases about the events.

February 10: Workshop for children and parents at MSEC. Children play games helping them to learn about safe behaviour on the web. Microsoft Corporation describe usage of Internet filters and will help to disseminate information on filtering software. See Photos:

February 11 - February 17: 3 workshops on Internet safety issues and social networking with youngsters, parents, teachers, local authorities, NGOs in Yerevan. Municipality representatives, Governors, as well as school principals and mass media representatives participate.

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February 24: Round table with authorities and mass media representatives in Yerevan. The launch of the new project «Building a Common e-Learning Environment for Schools» is announced. The project is initiated by the Media Education Center in partnership with Arabkir Municipality and Microsoft Corporation.


February 24: Two Republican Competitions among school children and teachers «Best Electronic Teaching Material» created with Scorm standards  and “Best School Web-site”  is launched. Competitions to be organized jointly by Media Education Center and Microsoft Corporation.

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